WAU Music Center Thanks RTZ AV

Grand Opening of the Leroy and Lois Peters Music Center was a great success and we were glad to be a part of the setup.  See the following testimoial in response from the Associate Vice-President at Washington Adventist University.

I just wanted to thank you and your team for their hard work this past week in support of the Grand Opening of the Leroy and Lois Peters Music Center.

Mike was out last Friday to train me on the rehearsal hall equipment.  It’s a good thing he came out too; because I had to reset the TOA back to user settings 1 — just like he had demonstrated.  We were able to play the video in a loop.

Natalie did a great job, without much time, putting the final edit requests into the Building Contraction video.  She was kind enough to pick up the content and deliver the production DVD to us too.

Sabbath night, the concert started off with the playing of the Construction Video in Sligo at 6 PM.  This was the first time anyone (other than the three of use) has seen it.  It went over very well —  several compliments.  Then at 8 PM the Grand Opening.  It was packed.  We must have had 400+ people here.

The Librarian already asked me for another copy of the DVD.  She wants to ensure we have a copy in the Universities’ Archives for historical sake.  Can you create one more DVD, Natalie.  🙂

Mike, I still need a few programming updates to the Extron yet.  The “volume controls” are still having some problems.  The step increment seems too small.  It takes a lot of clicks to get the volume up to a hearable level.  Also, the volume down button for the DVD; takes the volume to the zero, instead of down 1 notch.   After Exam week and Graduation, I’m sure we can get plenty of quality time for programming.

Thanks again to you and your team.