AV Design

audio-visual-integrationAV Design and Integration is highly valued at RTZ AV as one of the key components to making your audio visual investment competitive. When recommending products, designing functional and cost effective AV solutions, and assimilating those professionally plotted decisions into your technologic space, RTZ AV guarantees the highest level of longevity, competence, customer usability, and up-to-date knowledge.

When discussing AV Design and Integration several considerations play a part.

When deciding on the needs of a technological venue we think about:

As one can see there are many considerations in the department of AV Design and Integration.

RTZ AV has successfully designed and integrated for DARPA, Loma Linda University, CoSTAR, 3M, University of MD, NASA, Sligo SDA Church, the General Conference of SDA, St. John’s College High School and many more, which is why they are your choice for your next AV Design & Integration Solution.